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Through the use of up to date nanotechnology solutions, we are treating air, surface and water to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold. Our products have been tested and approved by DOE, PNNL,Battelle Memorial Institute, Auburn University, University of South Carolina and the USDA.


is an eco-friendly affordable technology that creates a dry fog composed of sub-micron sized particles eradicating surface- and air-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses.

NBOT 360

is a powerful natural, safe and effective water disinfectant that has successfully eliminated 100% of bacteria and toxins including algae cysts.

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XNRGI has developed PowerChip®, the first-ever silicon chip-based Lithium Metal rechargeable battery technology, whose performance is exponentially more efficient than any other lithium battery. This technology enables scalable and high-volume manufacturing at the industry’s lowest cost.


is a telecom energy storage system that reduces fuel consumption by more than 50%, and is well suited for hot tropical climates


is a completely integrated battery backup Solar LED street light that includes Xnrgi’s long life high temperature lithium battery and other high-quality materials.

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